Friday, June 22, 2012


If you ever needed proof that mankind was fundamentally broken, just jump into your motor vehicle of choice and head out onto the open road.  I would love, in my next life, to study traffic patterns, because they reveal so much about us - given even a modicum of perceived privacy within our vehicles, we act like animals.  Watching people drive right up to the split and then change lanes, knowing full well that it is exactly that behavior that caused the traffic that they were getting around.  Our sick fascination with accidents, slowing down to watch others' pain and suffering.  Texting, surfing the internet, eating, looking down to change the radio station, all while operating a 4000 lbs piece of machinery.  Road rage, yelling and cursing at other drivers in a way we would never dare, were we speaking to them face to face. 

And that is what we do when we are still on display for anyone to see.  But we're zooming, we're racing, and in our minds, no-one can catch us, no-one can hold us accountable for our actions. 

Society, civilization, it's all a lie that we tell ourselves.  We pretend we're elevated, that we've dragged ourselves out of the muck, that we have souls.  We have no souls.  We are talking monkeys, and given the opportunity we'll bare our teeth and scratch and bite each other with savagery that would do our brachiating friends proud.

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  1. You need to live in LA for awhile to appreciate really bad traffic. It's often nightmarish, especially on the West Side.